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A Festival of Light celebrating culture, history and the environment in and around Lewes and the South Downs through the medium of light, art and design.


Through the creation of beautiful and dramatic installations  reconnecting with historic locations and narrative, current and long since lost, the story of the town and its people can be told inspired by these lit spaces, scenes and vistas.

LewesLight is a community orientated event,  born out of the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 it was created by people with  a love of Lewes and a vision to produce an event that connects with the many diverse and creative people, organisations and businesses that give Lewes its unique identity and character - and of course a fascination for light and shadow!

Unlike other events of its kind LewesLight is design led, the installations are site specific - feeding from the context of the town and then delivering the setting for a wider experience.

LewesLight has education at its heart. Working with young people and students giving them an opportunity to take roles in the creation of some of the work and the hands on delivery of the event. Our work with young people starting their careers helps provide opportunities for hands on experience and mentoring by professionals. 

Lewes is set within the South Downs National Park. In 2016 the National Park was designated a Dark Skies Reserve. LewesLight explores the issues surrounding the impact of light on the environment - the night skies and wildlife. The festival promotes responsible use of light and celebrates the darkness with night walks and other activities in the countryside. 

LewesLight sets out to promote the town, its local economy and its history through a combination of art, design, science, engineering and social science and how these disciplines come together to enable and contribute to creativity and a sense of place.

The main festival event is free and open to all.

The LewesLight team consists of; lighting designers, artists, makers, engineers, musicians, poets, historians, scientists, educators, technicians, electricians, photographers and film makers who in turn are supported by; local business, the local councils, lighting manufacturers, hire companies and local people all of whom commit time and resource to making this amazing event possible - and on a shoestring budget!

LewesLight is a not for profit Community Interest Company. The festival operates on a small grant from Lewes Town Council and sponsorship from businesses and individuals for which we are very grateful.


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