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A Trip To The Moon

Gallit and Grimaldi

Gallit and Grimaldi is a new collaboration between artists Gallit Shaltiel and Catherine Grimaldi, merging their shared passion for imagination with a rich mix of skills and experience.


Gallit and Grimaldi will be based at the Depot Cinema’s gallery space, using the inspiration of George Melies iconic black and white film ‘A Trip to The Moon’. The film's enchanting characters, props and moonscapes, will be reinterpreted in black and white paper forming a magically lit installation.


The audience of all ages will be invited in to creatively play and explore an immersive space. People will be encouraged to deconstruct the installation and build their own sculptural moonscapes and costumes as well as play with light and shadows.


The materials have been selected to be low-fi and low impact on the environment so mainly paper, card and recycled off-cuts where possible.


The interactive installation will be Friday and Saturday from 6pm with the last session starting at 9pm and a celebration of the work through projections will be shown on the Sunday.


On the Sunday people will be invited to come into the installation featuring work made over the previous nights and to explore and play with costume.

Ticket Information

Due to the venue for this workshop numbers are limited therefore this event will be ticketed:

There will be 10 bookable spaces and 6 drop ins for each session


Tickets for the 30 minute sessions are bookable at the Depot. -

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Gallit Shaltiel and Catherine Grimaldi are a dynamic duo of creative explorers with a wealth of community arts experience between them. Gallit Shaltiel is an artist and illustrator, working in drawing and paper cut. She teaches part time at a college as well as running workshops. Cathering Grimaldi is an artist and children’s book illustrator working in textiles, paper and paint. She also works as a freelance Atelierista following the Reggio Emilia approach to child led projects.



Unknown Ground


The Apollo missions changed the way we perceive our world and what lies beyond the thin atmosphere. It pushed what we perceived as possible both in technology and human achievement. Our installation focuses on the brains behind the Apollo 11 mission, those who were on the ground dreaming of putting man on the moon and creating unknown and innovative technology and software to make this dream possible. Become part of the journey by stepping into history and reveal the workings behind one of the defining moments in recent history.


Luke Dowding
Aukse Strumbraite
Eleni Flouda
Anna Maria Gritsch

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